Spiel 2013 Preview: Armadöra

Posted by James (admin) on September 1st, 2013

20130831-204740.jpgArmadöra is a new game by Blackrock Editions who published The Boss in 2011 and Blackrock City in 2012. The Boss is one of my favourite games as it has a superb information revealing/deduction game mechanic, fits a lot of game into a short play time, and fits a lot of game into a very small box. Blackrock City was quite different in gameplay and was good too, (although not as good as The Boss in my eyes).

Armadöra appears to be a re-themed version of a game called Nuggets where players are trying to stake claims on gold mines. Various mines are on the board and players take turns either (a) placing their markers face-down (which have different strengths) on any empty board square, or (b) placing 2 fences between squares on the board. When an area is completely sectioned off by fences (so long as it’s large enough), the players’ markers in the area are revealed and the player with the most strength receives the gold for any mines in that section.

Armadöra has a fantasy adventure theme (with players after Dwarves’ gold) and has some extra rules for an advanced version. Sounds simple, fun with plenty of tricky decisions and entertaining tension.

To add to this, the game is by the designer who created Kahn which is also a great game (and it’s great even if you don’t do your best impression of Kirk shouting ‘KAHN!’ At every opportunity when someone messes with your plans – although I’m ready to accept that may be only my gaming group who does that.)  So, I’m definitely looking forwards to Armadöra .


The box image is from French site www.jedisjeux.net as there’re currently no details on the Blackrock site.

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