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Review: Infinite City

Posted by James (admin) on 19th November 2009

Infinite City is a tile laying game.  The first thing to strike you is that the rules are very, very short.  This definitely appealed to me but the short rules do not mean the game is shallow.

The goal of Infinite City is to score as many points as possible and points are scored depending upon which tiles your markers are on at the end of the game.  To set-up, five tiles are placed face-down on the table in a cross shape and each player is given 15 markers of their colour and dealt a hand of 5 tiles, which they keep hidden from the other players.

On a player’s turn, they select a tile from their hand and place it face-up orthogonally next to a tile already in play.  They place one of their markers on this new tile and then follow the written instructions on it.  The instructions have lots of different effects such as swapping the position of two tiles in play (along with any markers on them), removing all markers from a single tile, playing another tile immediately, adding more tiles to your hand, swapping hands, and so on. Read the rest of this entry »

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