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Review: Dragonheart

Posted by James (admin) on 8th October 2010

FantasyFlight Games has released 2-player game Dragonheart.  This is an English version of Drachenherz which I’ve already reviewed on this blog.

So, anyone looking for a review of Dragonheart should click here to read the review.

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Review: Drachenherz

Posted by James (admin) on 1st April 2010

(The English version of this game has been released by FantasyFlight Games with the name Dragonheart.)

When a game is talked about as having a lot in common with Lost Cities, it’s a game that knows how to get my interest.  Lost Cities is a great 2-player game as there’s more depth than first expected and is one of the games my girlfriend really enjoys too.  However, this kind of comparison does give Drachenherz a lot to live up to.

Drachenherz is a simple, 2-player game.  The board shows a very nice painting of a scene where a dragon dominates the sky whilst an archer takes aim, a princess waits to strike and a troll lurks ready to grab the princess, and so on.  Each of the characters has one or more outlines around them to show where cards are placed and there are some arrows from one card location to another. Read the rest of this entry »

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