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Review: Stalag 17

Posted by James (admin) on 22nd November 2011

In Stalag 17, players are prisoners of war assembling their escape plans – the first to have all 3 of their POWs escape wins.  At the start of each escape attempt, some dice are rolled which determines what equipment (food, uniforms, maps,etc.) will be required for this escape attempt as well as a normal dice (1-6) which is the runaway score that a player needs to equal or beat too.

Players take turns taking, discarding and placing cards.  One their turn a player can:

  • Play 1 card from their hand in front of them face-down (taking a replacement card from the draw deck)
  • Draw 2 cards (both from the draw deck or 1 from the draw deck and 1 from the discard pile)
  • Discard: any 1 card, or 3+ cards that are the same, or 5+ cards that are all different
  • Escape Read the rest of this entry »

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