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Spiel 2014 Preview: Deus

Posted by James (admin) on 23rd September 2014

Deus gameDeus is a game by Sébastien Dujardin (co-designer of Troyes and Tournay).  It’s a game of ancient civilisation building, whilst trying to appease the gods, and contains some interesting sounding game mechanics.

The board is made up of a number of hex tiles (well, they’re kind of rounded-off hexagons) which contain 7 regions on each consisting of 4 land regions (producing wood, stone, wheat and clay), 2 water regions, and 1 barbarian village.  The layout on each tile is slightly different, and the tiles are placed together randomly each game giving some variety in replay.

Each player has a player board showing 6 coloured columns which each relate to a type of wooden building: civil, scientific, maritime (ships), military (armies), production, and temple.  You start with some buildings on each column, cash, Victory Points (VPs), resources, as well as drawing 5 building cards from the common deck.

Each turn is simple: You can either construct a building, or make an offering to the gods. Read the rest of this entry »

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