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Review: Dungeon Petz

Posted by James (admin) on 2nd September 2012

Dungeon Petz is by the same designer as Dungeon Lords and shares other traits like the same art style and same imp figures.  However, Dungeon Petz is a totally separate game.  During the game, players are trying to raise various strange creatures and score prestige points (PP) by having the best creatures in pet shows and by selling them too.  Player with the most PPs at the end of 5 rounds wins.

Each player starts with a player board which has one basic cage on it and room for 3 more.  Each round, players use their imps to get new pets, new cages, cage improvements, pet food, extra imps, as well as do a few other actions which I’ll mention later.  The core mechanic for the game is worker placement as players use their imps to claim actions, but there is a nice twist to make it different to most worker placement games.  In Dungeon Petz, players form their imps (and gold) into groups behind a screen.  They then reveal their groups and the groups of the biggest size take their actions first.  So, players can put all their imps in one basket so-to-speak to ensure they claim one action before anyone else, or they can put them in smaller groups to claim multiple actions but the smaller the group, the greater the risk that another player will have taken that action first. Read the rest of this entry »

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