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Review: Fits

Posted by James (admin) on 9th November 2009

FitsWhen the Spiel Des Jahre nominees are announced, I always check out any games that I don’t already know.  Fits was one of these and, whilst it looked light, it sounded different and entertaining.

In essence, Fits is Tetris the board game.  Each player has their own board and will slide Tetris block shape tiles down their board until they can go no further – no horizontal movement is allowed.  The board is covered in a grid of dots and, when all the tiles have been placed, players score points based on what dots on the board are covered and not covered.  Each player has the same set of tiles (shapes) but each player has a slightly different situation as each player starts with a single random piece already on their board and each player’s starting tile will be different compared to each other.  Cards are then revealed one at a time showing a specific tile to be placed on the boards and all players place that tile.  Read the rest of this entry »

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