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Spiel des Jahres Nominee Reviews

Posted by James (admin) on 1st June 2011

The Spiel des Jahres nominees were revealed last week.  Below is a list of the nominees with easy links to reviews of most of them.

Spiel des Jahres

Forbidden Island

Kennerspiel des Jahres nominees
7 Wonders

Luna was also on the list of recommended titles.

As far as my thoughts go, Read the rest of this entry »

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Review: Qwirkle

Posted by James (admin) on 22nd January 2010

At first glance, Qwirkle reminded me of Ingenious (also called Einfach Genial and Mensa).  Not a bad thing at all as I really like Ingenious and am playing it on my iPhone these days too.  Qwirkle’s gameplay is different to Ingenious but also has a really good thinking element to it.

The game consists of 108 square tiles which each show a coloured symbol.  There are 36 different combinations of the 6 different symbols and 6 different colours, and there are 3 of every different colour/symbol combination.

Each player takes 6 random tiles from the bag. On their turn, they place any number of tiles in a straight line (like Scrabble) so long as they obey a single rule: the tiles in any line placed (or formed by adding to other lines) must either be of unique shape but matching colour, or unique colour but matching shape.  Read the rest of this entry »

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