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Review: 7

Posted by James (admin) on 19th November 2009

The rules for 7 seemed relatively straight forwards when read, but when you see the game laid out it can be quite daunting as there are a lot of different decks of cards, different tokens, even several boards.  (Not that daunting is necessarily a bad thing.)

In 7, the players are heroes in a fantasy setting working together to stop the Unnamed returning to the world.  The players win if they can close all 6 portals, or if they can collect the 7 pieces of armour with at least one hero having a Might score of 30+.  If all 14 cataclysms take place, the players lose.  However, whilst the game is co-operative, there can be only one winner (so long as all the players don’t lose) and that will be the player with the most might. Read the rest of this entry »

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