Metagames launches

Posted by James (admin) on March 22nd, 2011

At last, it’s great to finally announce that I have launched is a link shortening service for all things boardgaming, but it’s also so much more…

  • shortens links and lets you choose the end part of your shortened link
  • lists all the shortened links so it’s a great way to find out the latest web site articles, blog posts and other boardgaming information that people are talking about online all in one place
  • You can follow the whole site or specific users via RSS, so as soon as a link is added, your RSS reader will deliver it to you

Anyone can use the site (if you want to shorten links you’ll need to register which is free and mainly to prevent spam).

I hope you will join me and support me in using (whether shortening links or just using the digest of links to find the latest boardgame content).  The more we use it, the stronger and more useful it will be.

And this is just the start as there are lots of other exciting features that will be added to the site over the next weeks. Follow the blog for details (via RSS and/or @bdgms twitter).

(Does this mean I’ve stopped reviewing games for this blog?  Not at all.  I’ve spent a lot of time lately creating – and the engine behind it called – but, now it is launched, I will be able to post reviews more regularly once more and I’ll be using to create my shortlinks too, of course.)

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