Metagames blog starts reviewing iPhone board games

Posted by James (admin) on September 23rd, 2010

After more than 5 years of having Windows PC smartphones, one of the main reasons I switched to an iPhone was because of all the boardgame conversions appearing on it.  Looking at my survey results so far, over 50% of respondents play games on their iPhones so it seems I’m not alone.

Therefore, I’m pleased to announce that from Friday 24th September, the Metagames blog will also be reviewing iPhone board games in addition to the usual board game reviews too.  To kick this off, there will be a new iPhone game review every day for a week as well as the usual board games reviews and posts too.

Whilst my main passion is board gaming, I’ve spent over 12 years working in the video games industry (and am now a consultant helping improve games).  So, I shall be considering the games from how fun the board game is, as well as how successfully it has been implemented too (like AI and interface).  Rest assured though that the blog will still be reviewing board games as usual, of course.

If you have any specific games you’d like to see reviewed, let me know via Twitter or comments below. The first games reviewed include Medici, Neuroshima Hex and Samurai.

To view the reviews, you can either: View a full list of the posts or click on the iPhone links in the right-hand menu.

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