On the Radar: Mansions of Madness

Posted by James (admin) on September 22nd, 2010

In recent years, every time a new expansion has been released for Arkham Horror I have been excited to get it and play it, but I’ve also thought that maybe it was time FFG started a new game rather than add even more to an already vastly big game.  So, it was great to see FFG announce a new game with the Arkham Horror badge.

Due for release in November 2010, Mansions of Madness sounds like it’s more along the lines of Betrayal at House on the Hill.  The game will have various story lines and the players playing the heroes/investigators will have to work out what is going on in the house and foil the evil there.  One player will be playing the evil side, so they will know the real story going on and will be trying to achieve their objective before the other players work it out and stop them.

Players will need to collect the clues from around the house to work out what’s going on, plus there will be plenty of items to find as well as, of course, plenty of horrifying creatures to attack you and send you crazy.

I’m not a major fan of Betrayal at House on the Hill because the original game had a lot of unclear rules and many scenarios felt unbalanced; however, I know the format has a lot of merit and I’m really looking forwards to this style of game being given the FFG and Arkham treatment.  Another game already sold to me, along with all the inevitable expansions too.


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