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Posted by James (admin) on October 28th, 2009

Writing reviews on games using Twitter during Spiel09 was fun but had a couple of inherent difficulties.  First, giving a fair impression of a game in one tweet is almost impossible.  Getting across all the points in around 120 characters (140, minus #tag, minus game name) is crazily hard.  In fact, it’s much harder than writing a short blog entry.  Rather than quick to write, every tweet becomes a mad challenge of summarisation – I even had to throw in a couple of deliberate typos to save precious characters (deliberate, honest).  Second, the time it takes to do the ultra condensed writing meant it was hard to write them between games.  As a reult, many tweets were written in a batch rather than ‘live’.  I think in future, I’d post short blog entries and use Twitter to notify people of the new item (all possible from the iPhone).

As a result, I shall be writing longer reviews on the games I played to give the full view on each.  Plus, I can add reviews of other games I play, general entries about gaming, as well as my journey to create my own board game (wish me luck on that) which I am aiming to have ready for Spiel 2010. 

So, whilst Essen may be finished, my thoughts and discussions about the games played, plus all the games still to be played over the coming weeks, are still to be aired.

If you have any specific items you’d like covered, post a comment and let me know.  Also, if you have any feedback on my tweets from Spiel09, let me know too.

5 Responses to “Full Game Reviews from MetaGames”

  1. Mal Ross Says:

    I’d love to hear anything about the offerings from Reiver Games. I have to come clean, though – I worked on their stand last year and am good friends with Jackson, so it’s mainly a personal reason for the interest. However, I noticed you picked up the Sumeria 2-player expansion, so it’d be good to hear what you thought of that. 🙂

  2. Mal Ross Says:

    Hmmm… starting to think I’ve got the wrong person on the Sumeria thing, btw. Was it your tweet I saw?

  3. Eisley Says:

    Hi. Yep, I did mention I picked up the Sumeria 2-player expansion. I’ll put my thoughts about the Sumeria 2-player expansion soon as I play it. May be a couple of weeks though before I get the chance. I’m looking forwards to it though.

    (A friend and I pondered if an expansion that lets you play with fewer players is a contraction 🙂 The Krakow expansion did the same.)

  4. jacob Says:

    Any chance you can do a review of Rise of Empires?

    Great reviews!

  5. Eisley Says:

    Hi Jacob,

    Thanks for the compliment. Glad you like the reviews.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of Rise of Empires so that’s not one I can promise to review. I might get to play it at the local game store’s evening sessions. If I do, I’ll review it.

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