Essen Spiel 09 Day Three

Posted by James (admin) on October 26th, 2009

Final day of the show for me.  Found Carolus Magnus and Vineta for just 10 euros each – which was a bargain as I wanted to get them anyway.
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Games bought but not yet played:
Carolus Magnus
Tarantula Tango
Robot Master
Letters of Marque

Bought and played:
Fits (twice)

Peloponnes (correct rules) (bought day two)
Sator …. Rotas
Colonia (bought day one)

2 Responses to “Essen Spiel 09 Day Three”

  1. John Mellby Says:

    I didn’t try to get Sator last year because too much
    downtime. No matter how I planned ahead, the previous
    player’s move changed things enough I (and everyone else)
    had to spend too much time on their move.
    Pity because this was otherwise excellent.

  2. eisley Says:

    Hi John. I agree – I found the same thing. I quite enjoyed working out what I could do, so I found re-planning my next move as each person took theirs was okay. However, when every player can only really plan their turn when it is their turn slows down the game with downtime which is a shame.

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