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Posted by James (admin) on 5th December 2013

Concordia game

Concordia is a Roman-themed game by Mac Gerdts, known for his rondel game mechanic games such as Navegador and Imperium. However, Concordia doesn’t use the rondel mechanic (Gerdts has made a non-rondel game before too); instead, it uses cards for both actions and scoring.

The main board shows Europe (3-5 players) or Italy (2-4 players) which is divided into provinces and each province contains several cities.  The type of good that each city produces (bricks, food, tools, wine, cloth) is determined at the start of the game which adds some variety in replay.

Players have land and sea colonists which they can move around the board via the land or sea routes that connect the cities.  Players take turns playing one of their cards from their hand and carrying out the specific action on it.

  • Architect: Move colonists then spend resources and cash to build houses at cities at end of any route their colonists occupy
  • Prefect: Generate resources in a region or cash
  • Colonist: Generate cash, or spend resources to place new colonists
  • Mercator: Receive cash and then buy/sell 2 types of goods
  • Senator: Spend resources to purchase up to 2 of the 7 cards on display
  • Consul: Spend resources to purchase 1 of the 7 cards on display (usually cheaper than using a Senator)
  • Specialists: Generate one type of resource
  • Diplomat: Do the action that is another player’s most recently played card
  • Tribune: All played cards return to your hand (gain 1 cash for each card minus 3) and can spend resources to place 1 new colonist.

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