Review: Mâamut

Posted by James (admin) on 10th February 2011

I noticed Mâamut in late 2009 but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to buy a copy from the publisher until Spiel 2010.  The game appealed to me because of the mammoth hunting theme and its simplicity.

During the game, players use their 1 hunter (meeple) to lay traps and try to catch the one roaming Mammoth.  A hexagonal board is assembled of randomly placed hex tiles each showing grass, snow or rocks.  Players take turns taking one action which can be to either:

  • Move – Play a card from their hand of 3 (valued 1 – 3) and move their hunter (a) the full number of spaces, (b) in a straight line, and (c) never on to/through rocks (as these are always out of bounds to hunters and mammoths).
  • Lay trap – Place on their hunter’s current tile but only if it’s a grass tile (and no other hunters or traps are there)
  • Remove opponent’s trap – If no other hunters are there.
  • Pass – Discard a card and draw a new one.

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