Review: Pergamon

Posted by James (admin) on 19th May 2011

As with several games at the moment, Pergamon caught my interest because of the simple but potentially interesting game mechanics (as I mentioned in my On the Radar post).  During the game, players gather funds so they can excavate artifacts to then display in a museum to score victory points (VPs).

Each round, players first jostle for a share of the limited funding and players only know the rough total that will be available as the backs of the 2 funding cards each show their potential ranges (1-4 or 5-8).  Players place their meeple on the amount they want to receive and that also determines how deep they will be able to dig too.  When all players have set their requests, the funding is revealed and allocated to those who ask for smaller amounts first.  So, it’s possible to end up with nothing, although the last player gets everything that remains so can end up with more than they asked for. Read the rest of this entry »

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