Luchador Mexican Wrestling Dice – Round 2

Posted by James (admin) on May 29th, 2014

LuchadorLast year, blogger turned designer (and all-round good guy) Mark Rivera created a game called “Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice!” – a fast-paced, dice-rolling-fest.  It’s a fun and fast game as you try to (literally) beat your opponent’s wrestler before they beat yours.  The game finished #26 in the Boardgamegeek Buzz list at Spiel 2013 in Essen.

Now, Mark has launched a new version of the game on Kickstarter with more contents than the original and it even contains a 3D wrestling ring which looks neat.

There is also an option to purchase a pack which will upgrade your 1st version game to the 2nd edition.  (It’s a shame more revised versions of existing games don’t allow you to buy the parts required to upgrade it – yes, I’m looking at you Arkham Horror: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh.)

As I said in my Spiel 2013 Preview: “Luchador is a light, quick, dice-rolling game that is a fun filler, especially if you act it up.”

For more info, check out the Luchador Kickstarter page which ends on June 18th 2014.


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