Spiel 2013 Preview: Luchador

Posted by James (admin) on October 19th, 2013

Luchador game

Luchador Mexican Wrestling Dice is a game by Mark Rivera who write the Boardgames in Blighty blog.  I was fortunate to get to try out Luchador a few months ago.  The game can be played one-on-one or played as a 2-v-2 tag team.

Both wrestlers roll their dice simultaneously and compare.  Some results reduce their opponent’s energy, some block incoming blows, some counter (reverse incoming blows), and some results are attempts to pin the opponent.  If a player does enough hits  they can choose to roll the Luchador dice and perform one of their signature moves (unique to each wrestler) for a more impressive and damaging result; however, using the Luchador dice  is a risk and could go wrong.

If an opponent has lost enough energy, pin results let you roll the special pin dice.  If this is successful, the pinned opponent has 3 rolls of their dice (a count of three) with which to escape the pin.  If they fail, they lose the match and it’s game over.

The custom dice look really nice and wrestling ring board adds a nice themed focus.  Each player has their own wrestler character who have their individual special moves and effects.

Luchador cover

Luchador is a light, quick, dice-rolling game that is fun filler, especially if you act it up.



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