Spiel 2013 Preview: Packet Row

Posted by James (admin) on August 25th, 2013

Packet Row gameOne of my favourite games ever is Oregon (which was the game the designers of Rattus made before Rattus).  So, this year, I’m very excited that the Bergs have created a new, original game called Packet Row, which contains a very promising game mechanic.

During a round, one player is the lead player (the harbour master) and they select an area of the board.  Players take turns choosing to either take one of the cards from this area or pass.  The harbour master is the last player to choose – they can either choose a card (which ends the round) or they can choose a new area and all players who did not take a card this round have the same choice again.  This cycle ends as soon as the harbour master takes a card – at which point the round is over and any players that did not take a card yet (hoping/expecting the harbour master would move to another area before selecting a card) get nothing.  I really like the sound of the psychological play here.

Some cards are free and some cost money.  Some cards are goods used to fulfill contracts, some cards are the contracts, some cards are money, and some cards give special abilities.  It definitely appeals to me.

You can find out more on White Goblin Games’ website: bga.me/packetrow


Packet Row box

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