On Location: Carcassonne at Carcassonne

Posted by James (admin) on November 3rd, 2011

A beautiful photo at Carcassonne by Andy (or the demonstration version of Carcassonne has got out of hand)

Following on from my Alhambra at the Alhambra post, just this week my friend Andy visited Carcassonne and he took Carcassonne the game with him.  He didn’t know of my Alhambra visit but, instead, was inspired by my photo of meeple at the world’s highest pass (5,416 m / 17,769 feet).

Here is one of his photos which is an absolutely superb shot.  Is it just me thinking, “I wonder if that city’s actually finished?” and “That’s a lot of players sharing one road.”

You’ll note how Andy has all 5 colours of meeple from Carcassonne in his photo whereas my photo of multiple meeple in the Himalayas only has 4 colours.  The reason for that is that one of the meeple fell down a gap between the stones on the large cairn where I took the photo as I set them up.  I heard it fall way into the 4-foot high pile of stones so I knew he was a goner.  They say never leave a man on the mountain, but he was totally unreachable.

So, a meeple remains at the top of Thorung-La in Nepal, the cairn of stones is actually now a meeple burial mound, and trekkers visiting the summit are unwitting pilgrims.  It’s really going to screw with the archaeologists minds when they find it.

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