Metagames Update

Posted by James (admin) on July 12th, 2011

Recent real-life stuff have meant I haven’t been able to post as many reviews as usual but I just wanted to say that I shall be adding more new reviews as usual over the next weeks.  I posted a review of Magnum Sal today and more will follow including some new reviews of iPhone boardgame conversions too.

I had a chance to play Egizia again this week which I still think is a great game.  So many tricky decisions, clever game mechanics and lots of interaction – definitely one of my favourite worker placement games.

Japan seems to be shaping up to be the big gaming theme this year.  Amongst the games, I saw an announcement this week that a game called Shitenno is coming which is by the same designer that created the excellent Yggdrasil and Offrandes.  So, I’m definitely keeping an eye on that one. Plus, Ninja from AEG looks cool too with hidden movement.

Remember that is a good source of links to many of the latest board gaming posts (plus anyone can use it to shorten and share boardgaming links too).

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