New Reviews Soon

Posted by James (admin) on March 3rd, 2011

I’ll be back to posting more reviews as usual next week.  I’ve been working hard to complete one of my projects this week.  I am (finally) aiming to use it to launch a new facility for boardgamers next week.

In the meantime:

  • Prrrt! (by the same guys that designed the excellent and funny Mow) arrived from Swissgames and I will be posting a review next week.
  • From reading the rules, Castles of Burgundy sounds like it could be very interesting.
  • Also, I read the rules to the new Junta game (using dice this time) and it sounds like it will capture some of the spirit of the original game’s deals and (humourously back-stabby) resource allocation with a short playing time.
  • Gold! on iPhone is a great quick game.
  • Big Daddy Creations (Neuroshima Hex iPhone) have just released images of their next iPhone conversion Army of Frogs.
  • Finally, Mansions of Madness arrived today and having to leave it in its box for now is, ironically, driving me crazy.

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