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Posted by James (admin) on November 16th, 2009

The site has been updated to a slightly new format.  I liked the simple style of the original but it was starting to become difficult to see what games had been reviewed.  So, there’s now an extra column and an A-Z content list of games.  The page also has flexible width too.  There may be a few tweaks over the next few days.

With the new site are few new article types too.  First ‘Replay’ which are follow-ups on games that I’ve already reviewed but played again and had some further thoughts.  Also, ‘Games Session’ reports which will be about games played at my sessions plus some thoughts from other players too.

3 Responses to “Site Changes”

  1. Eisley Says:

    Excellent. Thanks, Silvano. The more people who read it and like it, the more I will be adding to it.

  2. Jacob Says:

    I don’t know what the site looked like before, but it looks great to me now! The index on the right side is all I’ve been using to browse around, so I think it’s a smart addition. Looking forward to new posts!

  3. Eisley Says:

    Hi Jacob,

    Thanks. The previous layout didn’t have the index on the right but it seemed needed as the amount of articles grew. It’s great to know you find it useful. I’ll be adding new features over time too so, hopefully, you’ll like those too..



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